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Have you been trying to secure a job but you are not getting anywhere with it? Tired of being unemployed and your dedication (mainly crisis) is forcing you to find a way to get employed as soon as possible.

But how! You don’t have any special skills on your resume that make it stand out from the crowd. Well, if that’s the case, then we suggest you give this blog a read to find a perfect way to tailor your resume.

When it comes to applying for a position, the traditional CV has been the most essential document for job hunters for many years. But, as time is advancing, so is technology. As a result, people are now ditching the traditional problematic piece of paper. And, the trend of video resumes is emerging like wildfire.

Videos are the whole shooting match in today’s day and age. People are so used to being on camera, that they find it no difficult to display themselves in a 3-minute long video. And the recruiters also find the videos more engaging as compared to those boring lifeless pieces of paper. The trend is real.

Read on to find out more about this trend and how it helps the freshers to get their dream job easily. After reading this blog, you might want to tailor a prerecorded resume for yourself immediately.

Wait A Minute, What Are Video Resumes?

People are becoming sick of relying on a piece of paper to demonstrate their skills on their behalf. This is why they have come up with a perfect alternative to showcase what they are actually capable of. All of this has become possible due to the emerging trend of video resumes. But what exactly are video resumes?

If you are asking yourself the same question, then we are here to answer it. As the name implies, these are short videos that job seekers send to their hiring managers along with their cover letters and resumes. This 3-minute long video helps the applicant to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a lifeless paper.

Now that you are aware of what are video resumes, let’s move on to see how they help rookies secure a job, shall we?

8 Ways To Attract Your Recruiter With Video Resume

Personalization: These types of resumes enable the applicants to introduce themselves and personalize their applications. This touch of personalization can definitely not be achieved with a traditional resume. The freshers or even the experienced ones display their personality and enthusiasm for the job opening more openly. This is how they can make their applications more personal and keep their recruiters engaged.

In this way, you won’t have to pay a fortune to the top CV writing services to tailor a perfect resume for you. Just get dressed in professional attire and talk to the camera just the way you would talk to your hiring manager. The plus point is that you can take several shots if you are not satisfied with how things turn out in the end.

Efficiency: Recruiters can easily screen applicants through such resumes. It makes it easier for them to get a sense of the candidate’s presentation style, personality as well and communication skills. Moreover, you can make your recruiter see your creative side too. This is achievable if you make your application engaging enough by editing it properly and adding minimal music and graphics. This might help them decide whether to move forward with your application or not.

Showcase Communication Skills: Another benefit that applicants can avail by making such resumes for themselves is that it showcases their communication skills. The traditional CV is certainly not able to do so. By speaking candidly to the camera, you can showcase your confidence, communication skills, as well as your enthusiasm to your recruiter. These elements can be extremely beneficial especially if you are applying in marketing, advertising, or any media-related field.

Demonstrates Technical Skills: This trend allows the candidates to demonstrate their technical skills more efficiently. For instance, an SEO expert can explain their strategic process and include examples of their work more freely. So, in our opinion, this method is more constructive rather than simply listing your skills on a piece of paper.

For instance, if you provide CV editing services in UAE, then you can easily demonstrate how you creatively do things. You can show your clients that you possess the ability to learn technology with much ease. This is a great skill set to have in today’s fast-changing job market.

Improved Candidate Experience: These recorded resumes allow a more positive candidate experience. Thus, making the entire hiring process more engaging and less daunting. Moreover, it also helps the applicants by eliminating any discrimination during the recruitment process. This is because recruiters are not restricted by the traditional resume formats anymore.

Branding: Not only do they help the applicants, but these prerecorded resumes also help companies and businesses. With the help of such resumes, they can display their culture and brand more efficiently. It enables them to generate an engaging video putting forward their values and culture. This step can help these companies to get the attention of the clients that are a perfect fit for them.

Makes Your Application Stand Out From The Crowd: Video resumes make the fresher stand out from the competition. With a lot of candidates applying for the same position, it can be quite daunting for these rookies to catch the eye of the hiring manager. 

But now, with such resumes, these fresher can leap out confidently from their competitors. Therefore, prove to the recruiters that they are willing to go above and beyond to secure that position.

Helps You By Engaging The Hiring Manager: These recorded resumes can make your hiring manager remember your resume due to it being different from traditional resumes. Even the most perfectly written application will not be able to compete with an engaging video application. These resumes make sure to portray your tone of voice, expressions, body language, and several other crucial factors that a traditional one fails to convey.

Summing It All Up: Is The Trend OF Video Resume Fit For You?

Although the trend of video resumes is only emerging, however, it is spreading like wildfire. But before you decide on whether you should make one for yourself, it is better to consider a few things. Make sure the industry that you are applying to is innovative or not. Moreover, consider whether they follow the cultural trends or the traditional trends. What is your hiring manager like? Are they early adopters or laggards?

By answering the above-given questions, evaluate if it is best for you to make a video resume too. If you plan on joining a creative field, then don’t be scared to hop on the bandwagon. Just make sure to watch your video (as cringe as it might get for you) before sending it to your hiring manager.

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