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Have you ever seen an American applying with a Resume? Oh yes, often! And have you seen a British applying with a CV? Absolutely. But are you getting confused between a CV and a Resume? You have spent years in your professional life but you have no idea about the difference between them?

Oh, believe us. It is totally fine! We are here to unclog your mind with all the confusion. So next time you can not only know the difference between a CV and a resume but you will also know where to apply which one! Hold your horses tight, as we have put down everything you need to know about a CV and a resume.

What is a CV?

A Curriculum Vitae is lengthier than a resume. It includes more information like a complete summary of your skills and work experience. It can go up to two or three pages if we are talking about entry-level candidates. But if we talk about mid-level candidates then yes, it can even go longer depending on the number of publications!

A CV has the research and academic background of the person who is applying for any organization. Sometimes organizations with a number of applicants ask for one page CV with a brief summary of one’s qualifications and skills.

What to Include in a CV?

As we have stated above, a CV is lengthy which means you have to add a lot of important details to it. You have to add your contact number, your personal profile, research objective, your education, books published, peer-reviewed publications, awards and honors you have received, fellowships or grants, conferences you have attended, your teaching experience, skills, and languages you know, memberships and so on. To make a CV valuable, it is necessary for you to include all these aspects in your CV.

What is a Resume?

The word resume (or résumé) is derived from French that means “to sum up”. We are sure you may get a little hint by now and you can easily figure out the difference between a CV and a Resume. But as we are here to shoo away your confusions completely. So let us tell you what a resume is!

A resume is a “to the point” document that helps you in summarizing your education, skills, and career history. Its motive is to provide recruiters with concise information about the applicant’s work. It is a maximum of one to two pages long and targets a particular job or vacancy!

What to include in a Resume?

As a Resume is not lengthy, you have to add specific information that is required.
A resume includes your professional statement, skills sections, and a description of your latest professional achievements. And oh, not to forget – it is in reverse-chronological order with your most recent job on top! You can also add the volunteer work you have done, your past internships, or personal projects to it.

How to write a successful CV and a Resume?

To write a successful resume, you need to choose the best format that goes well for your requirements. Your industry, experience, and the desired job will all influence your resume format selection. But we will suggest you go for chronological format as it looks more appealing.

If we talk about writing the best CV, then first understand what you need to add and how will you format the information you are providing on your CV. Choose a Curriculum Vitae format that will go more properly with the position you are applying for. If, no need to add personal information if you are applying for a fellowship.

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CV and Resume Writing tips

There are a few guidelines you should follow while preparing a CV or a resume. It’s essential to prove to the hiring manager how much you’re qualified for the position, what you can bring to the organization, and why you’d be a great candidate to interview.

Tailor your resume or curriculum vitae to the job. Mind you, this is one of the most important tasks while creating a Resume. It also applies to a CV. Emphasize your education, professional experience, and talents as they pertain to the specific industry or position

If you are looking for a job in the field of education, you may end up highlighting your teaching experience and that will work fine in a CV. If we talk about resume, you can only mention the related jobs you have done previously that goes well along with the job you are searching for! It will be perfect.

Once you are done with writing your CV or resume, do not forget to edit and proofread it!
But to get the all-in-one facilities, you can hire writers from TopCV writing services and see yourself winning the race! They will not only proofread and edit your CV or resume but these expert writers will make sure you get your hands on the best job in the town. Well well, go easy champ! We can already see it’s raining jobs.

Good Luck in finding a perfect job or an ideal organization to work with!

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