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A well-prepared interview always knocks out of the park. “Right?”

It is always best to practice and follow useful tips to give your hundred percent and the best shot.

Do you know recruiters in the UAE are always in search of confident personalities and they appreciate walk-in interviews for candidate screening as compared to other online practices?

So, in this blog, we have listed some of the best practices that will help you in acing your walk-in interview in Dubai. “Wanted to know?”

Then go on to read…

The Best Practices to Ace Your Walk-in Interview In Dubai

Preparation Beforehand Always Bring Perks!

Thorough Preparation

Dubai is the hub of different cultures and skillful people. There is no shortage of talent and experience. The tip here is to prepare yourself thoroughly before giving any interview. This will make your shortlisting process much easier.

What you need to do is, simply fine-tune your skills, and prepare yourself overnight. See what additional areas you are required to work on. Proofread your CV or ask for expert help who are providing the best CV writing services in UAE to save yourself some time for preparation.

Get All the Company Details

What’s the worst possible outcome of not being aware of the company you are applying to is ‘rejection’. “How to deal with this?” If you don’t want to face a similar situation then you must research the company and position you are applying to. This will increase the chances of your selection. What you are supposed to do is see what your company is about, its products, and services, and what contribution it has made till now. This will help you in demonstrating how through your skills and abilities you can bring value to the company.

Make Your Resume as Per the Industry

Don’t skip the importance of updating your CV. Develop your resume as per the field or industry you are applying to. Make it relevant to attract the recruiters. Add such skills and experience which turn out to be in your favor.

Also, make sure to show transparency through your resume. There shouldn’t be any gaps between your working experiences. If there are any, then prepare yourself to answer the whys of the recruiters. Also, update your work experiences in chronological order i.e., from most recent to least.

Focus On Your Attire

One of the many reasons for walk-in interview practice in Dubai is attire. The recruiters screen you through the dressing as well. So don’t take this tip lightly.

What most candidates do is dress up casually for their interview. This is not an issue in every case but is not a favourable practice in the UAE. They see whether the applicant is in formal attire or not. To avoid your chances of not getting shortlisted, dress up formally as per the following practice. “Why take a chance, right?”

Involve In the Conversation

This is a useful tip, you should also involve yourself in the conversation. Mostly what happens is that candidates appear in an interview to answer only recruiters’ questions. This shouldn’t be the case when giving an interview in UAE.

Try to avoid making your interview a one-way communication because it’s not an appreciative practice in Dubai. It shouldn’t seem like you have appeared in a quiz competition, “only answer what you know”.  Instead, make your interview a two-way communication. This attitude will impress your recruiter.

Show Activeness and Pleasantness

What most of the applicants do while giving an interview is, sit with zero expressions. The interview is an intimidating process already, so try not to reveal it through your body language. Stay confident as much as possible. What impresses the interviewer is your composed and calm personality. You should display a pleasant demeanour and activeness through your personality. This shows your recruiter, that you are capable of handling stressful situations and have a positive attitude towards your work and life issues. “Keep working on this”!

Prepare Yourself for Challenging Q&A

It’s the most significant part of the interview process and you should prepare yourself for that. This will help decrease your anxiety level when you appear for an interview. “How?”

What you have to do is ready a list of all the difficult questions regarding your field, work experience and skillset and prepare your answers for those. This will help you give precise yet effective responses. For example, consider your recruiter asking how you can provide professional CV services in Qatar, please explain. So, how you will respond? “Start developing your list now”.

Arrive On Time

Be it UAE or any other part of the world, arriving on time for an interview is the greatest practice. This shows your commitment and how you value things in your life. Not only this, it gives you time to relax. Also, you will get the chance to communicate with the other applicants. Further, you will get an idea of the company, its practices, how are the recruiters, etc. You never know which attitude or discipline of yours catches the eye of the recruiter.


What two common questions do recruiters ask in an interview?

The recruiters ask the following questions;

  • Tell me something about yourself apart from work.
  • If we hire you, what value can you bring to the company?

Are walk-in interviews effective or not?

Yes, walk-in interviews are effective because it is a traditional method of recruiting. Especially in UAE, it might help you in landing your dream job and open doors of opportunities.

How to answer, what sets me apart from others?

The simple way to answer this question is to combine all your skills, work experience, technicalities, attributes, and beliefs in suitable adjectives and then answer what makes you unique and apart from others.

What are walk-in applicants?

The walk-in applicants are those who do not apply for a particular job through online means like email. Instead, they come to the HR department to apply for their desired job role.


Follow the above practices and shine in your interview. Don’t take interviews on your nerves, try to make yourself comfortable with the process by practicing again and again or taking mock classes. This will help you in handling the interview process well enough.

Try to be confident as this will speak through your voice. Don’t get shy to learn as it is common to feel a little nervous while appearing for an interview. Here, the most important thing to avoid this nervousness is to prepare yourself in terms of anything be it a resume, attire, or your responses.

Happy Preparation!

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