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As a real estate agent, you already know how crucial it is to understand what people want. You also know how vital it is to understand what people need and offer it to them.

If you are nodding your head, then you might already know the significance of writing an effective resume.

Real estate agents have to be professional in marketing, discerning, and displaying what their buyers want.

Those are exactly the skills you need to tailor an outstanding resume. This is particularly because the real estate market has dramatically altered with the rise of online buying and selling.

An ideal resume will sell your skills to recruiters and hiring managers and make sure that you get that shiny real estate job.

If you don’t know how to write an effective application, then sweat not! In this blog, we have shed light on some of the most proven ways to tailor a real estate agency.

So, let’s begin!

Real Estate Agent Resume | Things To Include In It

You can either hire any top CV services in UAE or write your resume. Here are some of the crucial details that you must add to your real estate agent application:

Contact Information – Add your name, contact number, email address, a link to your site, and location so that your prospective recruiters can approach you easily.

Professional Summary – Craft a professional summary to shed light on your key skills and background concerning the real estate industry to assist hiring managers in suiting you to the perfect job.

Education – List any degrees that you have, as a lot of real estate agencies may prefer to hire individuals having a college degree.

Work history – Discuss your professional history to offer prospective employers a great idea of your expertise, such as the job roles you have performed and the firms you have worked for.

Skills – Feel free to list your most appropriate skills to show off your abilities and verify that you are all set to work as a brilliant real estate agent.

Certifications – Mention all your real estate certifications to shed light on any specialty credentials you have and to verify that you have a proper real estate license.

Expert Tips To Write A Gripping Real Estate Agent Resume

Here are a bunch of expert tips that will surely help you write an effective CV as a real estate agent:

Be Aware Of ATS: Gatekeeper Software

You have a very short period to compel your recruiters with your resume. Managing brokers get a lot more CVs than it is humanly possible to read. Thus, these experts use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to decrease that number. So, no matter how perfect of a real estate agent you are, if your application does not reach the hands of a potential hiring manager, you will not make it to the interview.

The ATS software uses an algorithm to rank applications based on keywords and many other criteria set by the hiring managers themselves. Thus, you need to be vigilant enough to determine those keywords and incorporate them efficiently in your application. By doing so, you will surely raise the overall ranking of your CV.

Sadly, there is no magic wand that you can sway to beat those ruthless ATS programs. This is because of the reason that there are more than 1000s on the market. However, analyzing job listings, and repeating their own terminologies word-by-word can greatly enhance your chances of passing the ATS test. Keep in mind that you can never get the job if your CV does not beat the ATS.

Include Quantifiers In Your Professional Summary

Using quantifiers in your professional summary can be an engaging way to provide more detail about your level of expertise. For instance, you can put the number of years you have served in real estate or the number of properties you have dealt with to show your recruiters about your particular achievements within the field. You can also use numbers to provide details like how many clients you meet each year or how many properties you have helped market.

Use Action Verbs

Another ideal way to boost your application is to use action verbs to begin every job duty you list in your professional history section. This can shed light on the specific actions you take and provide prospective employers with an estimation of what sort of work you are prepared to perform. For instance, rather than saying “I was in charge of updating the list of properties for XXX Company” you can say something like “I regularly updated the company’s list of properties”.

Add Technical Real Estate Skills

You can also ensure that your CV is efficient by listing technical skills that relate directly to the real state. While a lot of realtors also require soft skills, like interpersonal skills and communication, they usually prefer a dynamic set of technical skills that help them satisfy their customers. For instance, you might add skills like special experience in commercial or residential real estate, negotiating contracts, or escrow to make sure you add technical skills. If you are not sure which skills to add, we suggest you seek help from online real estate agent CV writing services.

How can I write a CV for a real estate agent?

You need to prioritize the most recent and relevant experience, achievements, skills, and much more. Moreover, the ideal length for a real estate agent’s CV must be about one to two pages in length. Pay special attention to the accomplishments that showcase your expertise in real estate and your ability to drive outcomes.

How can I write an ideal CV in UAE?

You need to include certain details in your CV for it to become ideal. These details include:


Personal information

Career Objective

Professional experience



Font, style, and layout guidelines

Length considerations and a lot more

How should I introduce myself as a real estate agent in a job application?

To introduce yourself as a competitive real estate agent, you need to follow these steps:

Begin with a formal greeting

Briefly explain your background

Include all your relevant experiences

Showcase how you can cater to their real estate needs

Offer contact methods

Include a gripping closing and a lot more

How can I write a resume for a real estate agent having no prior experience?

You should lead with a commanding skills section and summary statement that shows your most impressive achievements and appropriate strengths. Moreover, you should use your academic and work experience sections to highlight additional qualifications. Doing this will cover your zero experience.

Summing It All Up!

And that is it! This is all you need to know about how you can write a great real estate agent CV in UAE. So, follow all the bits of advice we shared above to stay way ahead of your competitors. These tips will make your CV strong and eventually make you the first option for a lot of hiring managers. So, what is this delay for? Go ahead and start working on your resume to come up with the best one to attract potential recruiters. With these tips and tricks, you will be joining your new real estate office in no time.

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