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Marhaba, folks have you ever thought that why the United Arab Emirates aka UAE is reaching the heights of success whether it is tourism, education or simply seeking a job. Why on earth every second person opts for UAE as their next destination to chill and relax. Or to earn millions of Dirhams along with relaxing on the beach and tanning along with fellas. Well, don’t worry we are going to give you the reasons why you should move to the UAE. Old days are gone when people from around the globe want to grab a job in any western country. Below we will share the benefits of working in Dubai too along with the reasons for the job hunting tasks.

Tax-Free Salary

The biggest catch for anyone who wants to save big bucks and, earn in Dirhams (which is increasing by each passing minute) should hunt a job in the UAE. Sales tax, income tax, salary tax, and from every kind of tax a foreigner working in Dubai is exempted. Isn’t this wonderful? Will be saving quite a lot unlike in the US where your half of the salary is wasted upon taxes.  

All region offices and campus nestled in the UAE

As this Arabic country is reaching to stars to catch and paving its way to becoming the number one spot in every safe genre is also a humble abode to many renowned companies of the world. Be it the world’s best airline Emirates, or the infra-structure conglomerate Emaar, Dubai is home to many of them. Even universities campuses are shifting to Dubai educational village as the geographical location of this country makes it easy for travelers to make this Habibi land their Alma Mater country. So hurry up prepare your CV and have free resume evaluation from the experts before sending it to the companies.

Home to the world’s biggest and largest events

There is a long infinite list of notable events which happen in the UAE. Expo 2020 to name in recent times, where the entire world comes and demonstrates their country’s x-factor to the world. Invests millions to curate the most amazing stalls of their homeland. Not only this, car racing fanatics choose Abu Dhabi every year for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where brands giants sponsor formula-1 cars and racers from around the sphere take part in this much hyped event.

Official language dilemma

Many people have the misconception that the UAE precisely Dubai’s official language is Arabic. Although it is their native language, and it is spoken widely, English is also considered their official language. As it is home to expats in the majority and working there will not create any hurdle on the job. If you want UAE job hunting tips you can follow us to be updated in this regard. Other than Arabic and English Hindi, Urdu, and Malayalam are also widely spoken, expatriates from these language-speaking countries are in the majority in UAE.

The Standard of living in a first-world country has its own perks and, living in Dubai is like living on a holiday 24/7 with such cool weather and plenty of beaches to soak in the wild air. Although, these are not just the only things that come in a package for an expat. Quality of life there is something else, being declared in one of the safest cities to live on and, to top that almost zero crime rates. With such eye-catching things, this diverse country is offering is uncountable for sure. Not to forget how multi-cultural this region is attracting thousands of aspiring individuals to work and settle there with such flexible visa policies. 


To be or not to be, this comes to mind when you decide to leave your native place and makes another strange country your home in order to earn well and to change the quality of your life. This confusion is a genuine feeling but, when it comes to the UAE most precisely Dubai one should not lose this opportunity in order to get success. Tax-free salary, English gaining official language status rapidly, zero crime rates, and, a shopping paradise. All these exhilarating added incentives don’t come in abundance in any other country. Hunting down the job in Dubai is always the best idea if want to have a positive shift life.

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