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Do you scratch your head while thinking, ‘Do I need a cover letter?’ and ‘Is it mandatory?’

If yes, you have landed on the right article, as we will answer this question in detail.

You might be confused about this because you would have heard from some people that they are not necessary for a resume. Also, a few recruiters have accepted that they sometimes don’t read letters.

We will be answering your queries about whether you are still in need of a cover letter or not in 2022.

Is there a Requirement for it?

The short and sweet answer would be YES!

However, if you are looking for a more detail-oriented answer, we would mention a few reasons to let you decide.

Reason 1

A lot of times, a covering letter is required to be attached to the documents. As we told above, the recruiter doesn’t need to go through every note. However, there are still odds of your piece being read by them and can add more value to your CV.

The second reason can be; not attaching it when it is required! It can be a clear red flag. It is better to be careful about it.

Reason 2

Another reason is that it can show a recruiter how serious you are about the job.

It would represent your dedication to seeking a job that ensures you aren’t missing anything.

Whether you are not good at writing a personal statement or don’t have adequate time to invest in it, you can take assistance. UAE Cover letter writing services can be a top-class resource for you.

Reason 3

It helps you stand out from other candidates. We want to give you an example here. Think of an HR who is confused between employing you and another job hunter. He finds both of you as the most suitable person for the post.

The reader is closely observing the documents of both of you, and guess what! He finds out that your statement is top-notch while the one of another person is copied from the internet.

Which one would he choose among both?


Therefore, it is better to put extra effort into your documents to save yourself from any worse situation.

When is There No Need to Attach?

We provided three reasons for how important a cover letter is in 2022. Let us open up about the three situations when there is no such necessity of attaching one.

Case 1

We mentioned one must attach if asked whether a recruiter reads or not. On the other hand, if they mention not attaching a cover letter to the resume, you must also follow that. Still attaching it would leave a bad impression on you on the employer.

Case 2

Do you know what can be worse than the above case?

It is when you add a poor cover letter or the one that is written for every kind of job you are seeking. Ensure you are not committing this blunder, as this would make an awful impression on an employer.

If you are running out of time or do not possess enough creativity, then it is better not to write one.

Case 3

The third case is for those who are job hunting in UAE through the web. If there is no such place to upload your letter of introduction, then take it as a clear sign. There is no need to attach that paper there.

When Should You Bend Your Efforts on a Cover Letter?

Until now, we have discussed why you should attach this letter and when you shouldn’t. Now is the time to tell you on which occasions you should be bending your efforts on it. Not to forget that you can attach this piece when hunting for a job, internship, or trainee.

Occasion 1

The first occasion can be when you need to add some significant information that can’t be added in the resume. Information regarding your career gap, change in career, or any other thing can be explained or justified through the letter.

Occasion 2

The second time when you should be making an extra effort is to add any reference. If there is any personal connection of yours, and you feel mentioning it would increase your odds of getting that post.

Go for it! It would represent the possibility of having more information related to that specific job than anyone might have.

Occasion 3

This kind of letter is also used to express your dreams and aspirations. So, feel free to mention what motivates you and keeps you going. You should also talk about how that job can help you pursue your goals and change your life.

Occasion 4

Don’t be scared to mention if you have a link to the company you will apply for in any way. Whether you completed your internship or training at this firm or you know the manager or any worker. It can also represent how transparent you are.

The way to make it perfect

As we expressed how important a cover letter is in 2022 after the resume, it is vital to add a dash of perfection. In this segment, we would be telling you different ways using which you can perfect your writing piece.

  • The first way to perfect it is to keep it short and sweet. It should be written on a single page or a bit more than that. The word length of it should be around 350 to 400.
  • Make use of formal vocabulary instead of informal to give it an official look.
  • Always follow instructions that the company mentions regarding submission format, fonts, margins, sections, etc.

Final Thoughts

You must have a good idea of why a cover letter is necessary for 2022 as we opened up about when it must be attached. We also discussed when you shouldn’t be attaching one to your documents. Also described on which occasions you should be making an extra effort while writing it and some additional tips.

We expect that this article will prove to be advantageous to you.

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